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Double Shaft Shredders

Double shaft shredder (TB) perfectly adapt to treatments that require volume reduction and grinding with partial output size control. High material flows can be treated when operated without a screen. The exclusive and innovative cutting chamber design allows for quick shaft extraction and replacement complete with blades, drastically reducing maintenance time.

Four Shaft Shredders

The use of four-shaft shredders (TQ) are extremely useful in a number of different recycling applications from E-Scrap to Plastics. In fact, they combine the reliability and power of the double-shaft shredders with the added ability of controlling the output material size.

Built for heavy-duty use, TQ series shredders are the result of an innovative design that aim to create efficient and flexible machines. The exclusive and innovative interchangeable shaft system and the use of wear-proof screens have drastically reduced the management and maintenance costs.

Single Shaft Shredder: Series AE and SR

The single shaft shredders series AE and SR are best for lighter materials and allow for product sizing due to the removable screens.

Forrec’s interchangeable blade system allows for quick blade change which decreases down time and increases profitability. In addition, the AE and SR series with their innovative power technologies grant very low power consumption.

Single Shaft Shredders: Series XRF, MR, XM, XH, EK

These single shaft shredders answers to high work standards and ensures a large productivity especially in the treatment of metals, tires, MSW, plastic materials, wood, rubber, paper, cardboard and industrial bulky waste

Enhanced in structure and performances, the single shaft shredders combine the traditional cutting system with a technology based on interchangeable plates equipped with a special shock absorber bearing that protects from possible breakdowns which ensures less down time and increased profits.

In the manufacturing of these single shaft shredders everything has been designed to ensure the maximum reliability, ease of maintenance and increased production.


Single shaft shredders ranging from 20hp to 240hp with speeds geared towards the specific type of material you are looking to shred. Types of material that can be shredded are copper and aluminum cables, non-ferrous metals, rubber, plastics and wood.