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WEEE / E-Scrap

WEEE / E-Scrap

Proper disposal of electronic waste (WEEE) and of waste in the R4 category, i.e. waste such as electrical and electronic equipment, allows the recovery of a large number of precious metals and components.

FORREC designs systems for the treatment of WEEE which have zero environmental impact and are developed to guarantee:

  • Air flow control
  • Grinding dust control
  • The recovery of hazardous parts (condensers and batteries)
  • Control and soundproofing of the noisiest components

Forrec, with this technology, is able to combine manual operations with an automated separation specific to its plants. The versatile systems of Forrec allow the range of treatable WEEEs to extend to the R2 category (washing machines and large household appliances) and the R3 category (TVs and CRT monitors).