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The plastics recycling industry is governed by stringent standards over in Europe imposing strict regulations to guarantee uniform and clean materials to start the transformation process and we want to bring these same standards to North America. The imposed obligations include the following requirements, which give added value to the process and the ground:

  • consistent sizes
  • separation of metal fractions
  • washing
  • uniform categories

FORREC develops solutions that are ideal for treating all types of plastic, for example:

  1. Food-derived plastics (PET)
  2. Various types of film (industrial or agricultural)
  3. Scrap material from processing (blocks or sprues)
  4. Mixed plastics
  5. Bumpers, tanks and other plastics in the automotive industry
  6. Fitted carpets
  7. Polypropylene raffia such as big bags
  8. Various types of container
  9. Plastics bonded with other materials