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The in depth knowledge gained from years of experience in the recycling fields of the problems relevant to waste disposal and recycling of waste material helps CIS to provide solutions in the following industrial recycling segments: Ferrous/Nonferrous Metals, Plastics, Tires, and Wire/Cable.  In addition to these CIS also can provide solutions to peculiar applications such as electrical motors(meatballs) and hospital  waste.

Full line systems for both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous applications featuring shredders and hammer mills for uniform output material wait a high specific weight.

Computers to TV’s we have a solution to recover a high percentage of precious metals and components utilizing pre-breakers, quad shafts and hammer mills.

Our machinery and system solutions encompass a broad range of plastics with a heavy focus on consistent sizes, metal fraction separation and uniform categories for clean end materials.

With our partners we have developed cost effective solutions for #1 and #2 copper wire in addition to the solutions we can provide for electric motors (meatballs).

We provide solutions for both loose and bailed aluminum providing a high-density end product perfect for furnaces.

From TDF to Crumb Rubber we can develop high quality systems to fit the need of our customers.